ICTST 2015

SAISE2015 Conference

ICTST2015 Keynote Speakers


Dr. Marijan Rajsman

University of Zagreb, Republic of Croatia


Speech Title: Transport Demand as a Fundamental Factor in Modelling Transport System Development

Abstract: Regardless of whether the transport system is one of a country, region or a city, its main goal is always the same; to satisfy the existing transport demand in a particular area at a particular time. Accordingly, transport demand is a fundamental factor in sizing of the transport system, both in technical, and in the technological, organizational and economic subsystem, as its major subsystems. In this sense, modelling the transport system development based on the study of the current status and trends of transport demand is a key instrument for its optimization. Modelling the development of the transport system on the basis of analysis of the situation and the trends in transport demand, along with other essential transport and economic sizes, is a necessary basis of successful transport system management. In conclusion, an example of modelling the development of the public passenger transport in Zagreb will be presented.

Biography: Marijan Rajsman is an associate professor in the area of technical sciences, scientific field of traffic and transport technologies at Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. He graduated in September 1983. On the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb. He received his Ph.D. degree in technical sciences field technology of transport and traffic from Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, (September 2005). Since 2011 he is a college professor in the area of social sciences, scientific field of economics. Employed since 1984. since then, he has performed the duties and tasks of the state administration and the economy: manager of technical workshop PJ “Transport” at the agricultural and industrial combine PIK “Vinkovci” Ltd. (1984-1987); Member of the Management Board of "POLET" Vinkovci, Ltd. for transportation of goods and passengers in the domestic and international road transport (1987-1988); Head of Development Services "PANTURIST" Ltd., Osijek, transportation of passengers on domestic and international road transport (1988-1990); Republic Inspector of Road Transport and Roads, in the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Croatia and City of Zagreb (1990-1994); Director "TRANSCROATIA" Ltd. Zagreb, transportation of goods by road and transportation of special cargo(1994-1996); Commercial manager PJ Žitnjak "ROBNI TERMINALI ZAGREB" Ltd. (1998-2000); Deputy Head of the City Department of Planning, Construction, Housing and Utilities of the City of Zagreb and turnover (2000); General Director "ZAGREB BUS TERMINAL" Ltd. Zagreb (2000-2002); Assistant to the Minister of Transport and Communications Republic of Croatia - Director of Inspection Directorate of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (2002-2004); Head of Department for automatic control of the traffic of the City of Zagreb (2004-2006); extramural associate at the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka, Croatia (2008-2014); Dean of Business School Libertas, Zagreb (2006-2007) and Dean of Business School Zagreb, Zagreb (2011-2012). His current research interests include: Design and construction of models for the development of passenger and cargo demand on transportation systems in the transport system; Design and creation of mathematical forecast models of relevant sizes for the functioning and the study of transport system development dynamics; Use of statistical methods and models in determining legal regularity of the transport process as a scientific and professional basis for the transport system management; Modelling the development of a transport system; Optimisation and management of road passengers and cargo transport; Analysis of safety and prevention of traffic accidents in the road transport system, design and implementation of systems for automated transport management. Prof. Rajsman is awarded for scientific contributions include: Plaque Croatian Scientific Society for Transport as a participant of scientific advice "Transportation and Sustainable Development", Opatija, 2000, and then as a participant of the scientific conference "Transport and Tourism", in Opatija, 2001, as a confirmation of successful cooperation with the Croatian Scientific Society for Transport. He is a winner of the Golden Charter of the Business Research School of Economics in Zagreb, for one of the most successful enterpreneurs in 2001, in recognition of achievements as a manager of Zagreb Bus Terminal, Ltd. He has published scientific and professional papers at the World Congresses, international and domestic conferences in Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Opatija, Portoroz, Prague, London, Vienna, Ottawa, Istanbul, Antalya and internationally recognized journals "Man and services", "Modern Traffic" and "Traffic" in the area of engineering, scientific field of traffic engineering and transportation.